DJ/Promoter/Curtural Editer.
2011年7月には1st Mix CD「i am musiq」をリリースし、翌2012年にはQVCマリンフィールド/幕張メッセ 9-11番ホールで開催のSUMMER SONIC TOKYO 2012 (British Pavilion Stage)への2日連続出演を果たす。
現在は、WOMB、SOUND MUSEUM VISION、AIR、club asiaといった関東のビッグクラブを中心に年間50本以上のPartyでDJ/Organizerを務めるだけに留まらず、音楽情報サイト: KIWA KIWAの運営メンバーにも名を連ねるなど、ジャンル/フィールドの枠を超え活動中。
DJ / Promoter / Curtural Editer.
Born in Miyagi - Japan, spent his early life in Vienna - Austria.and then learned "the fun of mixed thing" in the land of exotic multi-cultural.In 2008, started DJ career under the theme: "to DJ is not a activity just simply connecting sounds, is going to rebuild the new drama connects the drama that has been put in the sound of each and DJ himself is a guide of the this great journey."
Soon, musiqconcierge got chances to show his performance at big parties as "Defected In The House", "ROCK ACTION" etc, and got big props from tokyo music scene.
1st Mix CD "i am musiq" is a essential of his early music era.relesed July 2011 with the longawaited expectations of the scene.
In 2012 he got 1st highlight of his history with being booked on "SUMMER SONIC TOKYO 2012": the one of biggest music festival in the Asian Continent.and musiqconcierge rocked innumerable audience completely, the fact leads his name to remarkable existence in Japanese music scene.
now, he got new role in music industry as a spokesman of japanese independence scene with his freash media - KIWA KIWA ( continually rocks "musiq lover" at a big venues - WOMB, SOUND MUSEUM VISION, AIR, and club asia as a top talented DJ.